Submitting Award Information to Financial Assistance

Student Gift/Awards/Reimbursement

During the course of a student’s study, you may have the occasion to provide a gift or award or even provide a student with reimbursement for certain kinds of expenses. While we strongly encourage students to enrich their academic program through UM’s experiential learning initiatives, it is important to know that these types of payments are considered “financial aid." The information contained on this site is intended to help you understand UM’s policy regarding student’s payments and how to schedule payment accordingly. 

Important Reimbursement Instructions

Reimbursement to students who attend, speak, or present at a conference or meeting, or visit a field site or off-campus laboratory, will be considered financial aid UNLESS the following information is included with the reimbursement request:

A signed statement from a faculty member certifying that the travel/activity either:

  • Directly supports a faculty project, research, or scholarship program;
  • Directly relates to the student's employment status at the University (Such reimbursements should be submitted as Business Expense Reimbursement with supporting documentation in Workday);
  • Is connected to activities of a University of Miami-recognized student club or organizations (Such reimbursements should be submitted as Ad Hoc Payments with supporting documentation in Workday).

Schedule Payments through Financial Assistance

All other gifts, awards, and reimbursements are considered financial aid and scheduled payment will be made through CaneLink

  1. You must request an item type by which the payment can be made by completing the Item Type Request Form. For extensive instructions on each field, please click here.

Should you need additional assistance, you can contact our Account Staff, Hector Pagan, ext. 8-4308 or Zaida Mejia, ext. 8-1914.

  1. Once you have received the item type from our Accounting Department, you must then complete the Student Payment Authorization Form. It is important to include supporting documentation showing that the payment is an integral part of the student's degree program, if it is, when scheduling a payment to ensure that the payment does not reduce existing financial assistance.

Should you have questions regarding this part of the process, please contact the following individuals:

Graduate/Law – Wendi Owens (, 8-6633)
Medical – Lori Giese (, 6-6211)
Undergraduate – Christina Ward (, 8-8116)