Request for Review

Investing in a University of Miami education is one of the most important decisions that you are going to make as a family. UM provides generous financial assistance that takes into consideration both academic merit and financial need. Given the variety and complexity of scholarship programs and packaging policies at many of UM’s peer institutions, the University will not match awards from other institutions. However, if your family has experienced a change in your financial situation since filing the CSS Profile and Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), please be sure to first speak with a financial aid advisor to determine if these changes will impact the student’s financial aid eligibility before submitting a Request for Review to the Enrollment Management Appeals Committee. Only appeals based on new information will be processed.

Please note that no additional need-based institutional aid will be awarded until the student has accepted in CaneLink all offered self-help including federally subsidized direct loans and federal work-study. Approval of your Request for Review does not guarantee additional grant funding.

If the FAFSA had been selected for Verification (a review process to check the accuracy of the information reported on a financial aid application or FAFSA), federal regulations require that Verification be completed before approving a request for review. Due to the detailed nature of this review, please allow at least three weeks from the date all required documents are submitted for processing. 

  • Request for Review forms for 2021-2022 will be available beginning in February 2021 and will require the submission of completed signed 2019 and 2020 tax forms and W-2s. 

To submit a Request for Review, please complete the form below and attach all supporting documentation. Only completed forms with all required documentation will be reviewed.

Required documentation for 2021-2022: Appeals for 2021-2022 will not be reviewed until all signed 2019 and 2020 completed taxes and W-2s can be submitted with the appeal.

 • Request for Review Form (Dependent Students) 
Request for Review Form (Independent Students) 
2021-2022 CSS Profile
2021-2022 FAFSA
2021-2022 CSS Profile for Noncustodial parent, if applicable. Note: Not required if a Noncustodial Parent Waiver was previously approved.
2020 Signed Federal tax returns including all schedules
2020 Employer W-2(s)
2020 Corporate Tax Return(s) along with all K-1(s), if applicable

Please also submit the following, if not previously submitted:

  • 2019 Signed Federal tax returns including all schedules
  • 2019 Employer W-2(s)
  • 2019 Corporate Tax Return(s) along with all K-1(s), if applicable