On Campus Programs

On-Campus employment programs for students include Federal Work Study, Student Assistant, Miami Commitment and Graduate Assistantships.

Federal Work Study
Federal Work Study (FWS), including Community Service Work Study (CSFWS), is a federally funded financial aid program awarded to students based on their eligibility determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and other financial aid criteria.

For more detailed information on the Federal Work Study program, please click here.

Student Assistant Program
Students without federal funding are considered Student Assistants and can find jobs in many of the same departments as Federal Work Study students. UM departments and off-campus employers pay in full for these students’ wages, which makes finding a Student Assistant job challenging. The best time to look for these positions is early in the semester. Students enrolled at least half-time are eligible to participate in the Student Assistant program.

Lead Miami (formerly Miami Commitment)
This program is available by invitation only to incoming freshmen students. The Lead Miami program matches students with employers who can maximize their learning experiences on the job and mentor them over the course of their four years at UM. To be considered, invited students must apply to the program by the published deadline.

Graduate Assistant Program
Graduate Assistantships are awarded by individual University departments and are subject to employment guidelines as specified by the hiring department and the Graduate School. Please click here for more information.