Fiscal Fitness

It’s no secret that college is a significant financial investment. Students no longer just have to think about the cost of tuition, dormitory costs, meal plans, and books. These days, students have to think about additional expenses such as health insurance, travel costs for going home, cell phones, dining on or off campus, computers, and other daily expenses.

Below you will find resources that we have organized to help you better understand how to make your money work while you are at UM.

Personal Money Management

Things can add up pretty quickly, so before you're in over your head, understanding the importance of managing your money, establishing credit, and learning how to spend it wisely will help you to appreciate the fruits of your labor.

How money smart are you?

Creating a budget

Budgeting tips

Preventing identity theft

Feed the pig


Credit and Debit

Being credit wise means playing it smart with not only credit cards, but store cards, phone bills, personal loans, lease agreements, cable bills, and even insurance payments.

Understanding Debit Cards

Credit Cards 101

Understanding and Managing Debt

Free Credit Report

Interactive Loan Tool