Applying for Aid: Prospective and Current Students

The FAFSA, CSS Profile, Noncustodial Parent Profile, and 2016 tax documents need to be submitted by the following due dates. You must be a degree-seeking student to apply for financial aid. 

Application Option 

Due Date

Early Decision I / Early Action
December 1, 2017
Early Decision II / Regular Decision
January 1, 2018
Spring 2018 Transfers
November 1, 2017
Fall 2018 Transfers
April 15, 2018
Current Students
April 15, 2018








Financial Aid Checklist 

1. Complete your CSS Profile.
School Code: 5815

2. Complete your FAFSA.
School Code: 001536

3. Submit a signed copy of your 2016 employer W2s and federal tax returns (student and parent) and complete a Noncustodial Parent (NCP) Profile.

If you parents are divorced or separated, both parents need to submit financial information. We will calculate a separate contribution for each parent and add them together to determine an Expected Family Contribution. 

4. Submit a copy of your 2016 Business and Farm Supplement

The Business Farm Supplement is required for you or your parents if you filed an IRS 1065 or 1120 Corporate Tax Return. After you complete the CSS Profile, you will receive an email from the College Board IDOC service with instructions on submitting the documents. All documents must be submitted directly to the College Board IDOC service. 

If you do not intend to apply for financial aid and wish to withdraw your financial aid application, please complete the Financial Aid Status Update form at

International Students

There is limited need-based financial aid assistance for international applicants/foreign nationals. Applicants must complete the following by our stated deadlines.

1. Complete your CSS Profile.

2. Submit 2016 Government or Employer Earnings Statements.