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Federal law requires that the University of Miami Office of Student Financial Assistance and Employment (OSFAE) obtain a student’s voluntary consent to participate in electronic transactions for all financial information provided or made available to student loan borrowers, and for all notices and authorizations to Federal Student Aid recipients.

What is e-Consent

CaneLink, the financial aid portal, and email are all considered official forms of communication for the University of Miami OSFAE. Our office uses these platforms to notify students of outstanding requirements, award packages, loan disbursements, and financial aid status. Using digital forms of communication is the most direct and efficient way to communicate with you regarding your financial aid, as such, financial aid students must first agree to the University of Miami Financial Aid Office's e-Consent policy before they can view their financial aid award in their portal.

Granting e-Consent allows students to have full access to their financial aid portal including the ability to:

  • Review and accept or reject your financial aid online
  • Receive electronic notification of loan disbursements- includes the amount, date of disbursement, and right to cancel the loan within 14 days of notice
  • Reminder notices, including specific communication about your financial aid file
  • Notice of federal aid opportunities which include eligibility requirements and how to apply

How to Provide e-Consent

Once a student has signed into their CaneLink account with their Cane ID and password, follow the steps below to navigate to the Terms and Conditions/e-Consent form.

  • Open Financials from the side navigation
  • Click on View Financial Aid
  • Select the 2021+ aid year to reach the financial aid student portal
  • Read the Terms and Conditions/e-Consent on the homepage of your portal
  • Select the check box to agree
  • Submit the form for the upcoming academic year

What happens if you don't consent

If you decide not to submit the Terms and Conditions/e-Consent you should be aware that no access will be allowed to your financial aid portal, and no electronic correspondence or email communication will be permitted with the Financial Aid office.

  • All communication will be sent to your current mailing or permanent address that you have on file with UM. This may delay processing due to mail time.
  • No email exchanges will be permitted and all request for information must be made in writing.
  • Phone communication will be allowed if staff is able to verify the identity of the individual calling.

Note that manual, non-electronic alternatives will result in longer and delayed processing times and not all services may be available through non-electronic means.

To obtain more information about conducting business with individual campus offices offline, contact ’Canes Central by calling (305) 284-IBIS (4247).

What if you change your mind

A student may change their mind on e-Consent at any time by requesting to have the form reset in their financial aid portal.

Incoming undergraduate students (prior to first billing notification)

Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment by calling (305) 284-6000.

Current undergraduate, graduate, and law students

Contact ’Canes Central by calling (305) 284-IBIS (4247).