Title IV Authorization Information

Federal Title IV financial aid funds, which can include Pell Grant, SEOG, and Direct loans, will be automatically applied to any eligible pending charges on a student’s account. Eligible charges include tuition, fees, room/board, and other qualified educational expenses. 

After eligible charges have been paid, there may be an excess of federal funds. Excess funds may be used to pay other pending University charges (i.e. health insurance fees, parking fees, library fines, etc.) but students must authorize the University to do so.

To authorize the Office of Student Account Services to apply your excess federal funds to any outstanding University charges:

1. Visit your CaneLink account

2. Under the “Finances” section, select “View Student Permission” from the drop-down menu and press Enter

3. Select “Student Permissions”

4. Carefully review the permissions form and make your selection

Students may choose not to authorize the use of Title IV funds for these additional expenses, this may lead to remaining charges on their account, which they will then be responsible for paying.

Students can choose to opt out of the authorization process at any time by contacting ’Canes Central at canescentral.miami.edu and Submitting a Case or calling (305) 284-IBIS (4247).