Money Talks

Welcome to the “Money Talks” series! Each of these events will enhance your ability to make educated financial choices now. The workshops will also include an open forum discussion on related topics. These are informal sessions that you don’t want to miss so bring your questions and get your answers! 

All events start at 5 p.m. and will be held on the first floor of the Whitten University Center in the Admission Presentation room.

Fall of 2019 Events

August 29 – Who wants to be a millionaire?
Your guide to long-term financial success and a comfortable retirement.

September 10 – First Year College Student Finance
Everything a new student should know about personal finance and their financial success at UM.

September 12 – Investing 101 for college students
Learn about the benefits of investing young and strategies for the first-timer.

September 23 – Money Talks Open Forum
Open discussion/Q&A sessions on any and all personal finance topics.

September 25 – Budgeting for your future success
A beginner’s guide to managing your own personal finances now. Strategies and resources to help you accomplish your short- and long-term financial goals.

October 1 – The Value of Credit
Yes, you have a credit report if you have a Social Security number. What does your credit report tell future employers about your money skills? Get a jump start on creating a great "Financial Resume" now!

October 7 – Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Are you pursuing a career in public service? Join our discussion about the payment option with early loan forgiveness.

October 9 – Balancing school, life, and finances
New to the U? Review strategies and resources to set you on the best path possible to graduate on time.

October 22 – Identity theft and credit repair
Is there something on your credit report that is not so good? Discuss strategies that can help you get back on track.

October 24 & November 6 – Navigating Loan Repayment
Approaching graduation with loans? Don't miss out! This session will explore the range of options available to fit your personal needs.

November 4 – Making the Grade: SAP and its effects on your aid
Do you feel that you may not meet the requirements to renew your financial aid? We’ll discuss Satisfactory Academic Progress standards, regaining eligibility for financial aid, the SAP appeals process, on-campus resources, and strategies for success.

November 19 – "0% down and 0% interest rate financing for 48 months!"
Will I qualify? How do I get the best deals possible? Learn to manage real-world debt and secure the best rates on everything in the future.

Additional programming is being offered on the Medical CampusFeel free to contact us at with any questions or if you would like to request a presenter to come speak to your club or organization.